Human rights essay: Everyone Has The Right To Food And Shelter

I Believe Everyone has The right to have Food and Shelter.By Kai lewis
     Did you know that the schools in L.A(one of the largest school systems) makes 650,000 meals a day. Students waste 100,000 dollars worth of that food!! People waste too much food nowadays. Some people get too much and throw it away some die without any food.

     All around the globe people are dying of starvation. Every 4 seconds a person dies of starvation. Sadly they are mostly children.

     Why should you be wasting so much food when you can’t get enough of it. Food is one of our primary needs. Everybody should have some.

     We also need shelter. Nobody should be freezing or boiling because they have no home.

3.1 million people are homeless and I feel really sorry for the people who live on the streets.

     We all need these 2 things.
     On May 12th and April 25th a deadly earthquake happened in Nepal. 8,857 people died and 21,952 people got injured. When this happened people all around the world wanted to help and when I heard that people were getting rescued I realised that people believed In everyone should deserve food and shelter and so did my school.

     It was a Monday and the headmaster announced that we were going to do a fundraiser for the week for the people in Nepal. For the week we made yeti cupcakes, raffle tickets for a cuddly yeti toy, we made prayer flags to hang around the school and we did a name the yeti competition which is a competition when we try to get the best name for the toy yeti. . We felt like we helped a lot of people while we were having fun.

     We all believed everyone should have the right to food and shelter. In total we raised £300.00 which is $455.00!!
     Another thing which makes me really angry is how rich people use money. You may know celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and so forth. I have read articles on them which are ridiculous. For example one said ‘ Justin Bieber throws away his pants after he wears them’.

     I personally think that this is just being greedy. Pants can be really expensive and he just throws them away. I think that the money the pants are worth should be donated to people don’t have have any food. One more article said ‘Miley Cyrus changes wallpaper of a hotel because she didn’t like the colour’ this I think is just a waste of money. Just because she didn’t like the wallpaper doesn’t mean she has to waste money for it. People are dying from all over the world because they’re hungry and can’t afford to buy anything.
      In conclusion I think money shouldn’t be wasted for careless things. I think we can all help each other in life and everyone should have food and shelter. This is for me one of the most important human rights. I hope you use your money wisely as well.

7 thoughts on “Human rights essay: Everyone Has The Right To Food And Shelter

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber do stuff like this, yet it still disgusts me that people can live with themselves this way.

  2. I agree with Malte and SooHyuk. The mini stories really helped strengthen your proof. Also, I’ve heard that the queen and past princesses of England would sometimes only wear clothes once before throwing them out. It’s very sad.

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