Dear Mom and Dad,

     Thank you for attending this conference. I am very nervous and I have never done this sort of thing before. I will be talking about what I have done this year as a student of AES. Throught the year all of us have faced challenges but by the end of the year we hope that we all conquer the challenges. Thank you again for attending this conference.

     This past week we have been given fantasy stories we have written,continumms, reading surveys and reflections. On the continumm we took at the begging of the year and the one we did now had a very big difference! A continumm is a survey that we took which asks us about persevering and being in school socially. What helped me was that I got to now my friends a little bit more and I never been given more challenges in school. My problem is that I can start on a really good project and then when time is nearly up I rush too much and the project turns into a fail. I want  to not get distracted easily and work more efficiently.

Once I have achieved my goal I think I’ll be able to work more faster.

I hop to achieve my goal in the future and become the best person I can never

By Kai 

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