From Sushi to Fish and Chips

     Winter Break for Kai Lewis was mostly about the food he ate. He was excited to get away from the chicken and the ‘No beef’ rule in India. Kai went to Japan and Britain/Scotland over Winter break.Japan for Kai is a dreamland for food,it contains delicious foods like rice balls,ramen and sushi.Britain however might not compete with Japan but one of Kai’s favourite foods is Toad in a Hole(Yorkshire Pudding with sausages and potatoes).

     Overall the restaurants that he visited the one that he enjoyed the most was ‘Byron Burger’ located in High Ousegate, York YO1 8RZ, UK. He enjoyed this particular meal because(as you can see in the name) it served BEEF burgers which you can never get on a daily basis in India.

      Also he went to his previous school(The Minster School)to reunite with his old friends and have Billy’s(the chief chef at the school) legendary chicken pie. 

     This meal reminded him of every time he had eaten that meal when he was a student there. 

     Meals that he had in Japan were mostly made by his grandma(Mikami Seiko).A traditional meal that Kai eats every single time he goes to Japan are his grandma’s rice balls. Inside them she puts Salmon,Squished Plum and Tarako.Other dishes she prepared are Karage(Fried Chicken),Redbeans with Pumpkin and Sashimi(Sushi without the rice)

Restaurants/Meals he ate/went to

Byron Burger


Waterstones Cafe

M&S ready meals

Cafe concerto

Shokuraku Kitchen

7 and 11 takeouts


Meals that my Japanese grandma made

Meals that my Scottish grandparents made


Kai has enjoyed all the delicacies he has had over the three week break and at this very moment still having the hunger to eat beef. He has filled one whole large suitcase with sweets from Japan and pastries from Britain. Next Trip he will be travelling to Angor Wat to eat some traditional Cambodian Food.

See you next time on ‘Kai’s World Delicacies’.

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