Me + Organization

Two strengths I have around organisation are:  Probably  using my alarm in the morning because I never snooze and I wake up on time. Also,another strength is doing my homework  as soon as I get home.Another Eason is that I have never forgotten to do my homework except if I do forget to do it I give up my lunch break to do it.

Two areas of growth are:I would like to work on my skill of knowing what the schedule is for the next day so I don’t have to arrive at school without the things I need. Also reading the homework description carefully because it might say to watch a video AND take notes but you don’t take notes.

One goals is:Packing up all the things I need for the next day on the night before.

Delhi out and About

1:I learned about normal Delhi life and the history of Delhi such as Gandhi .
2:I think my favourite project was the presentation on Siri because it was really fun to make and to present.
3:So far we have done 6 trips. The most fun one was probably dilli Haat because I really liked seeing the variety of things the shop owners sell. The metro ride was also pretty fun because I saw the Qutub minar for the first time.I also got to see India gate for the first time and I realised how big it was!

Exploratory Reflection

-Exploratory helps the understanding of our country because sometimes you might visit foreign countries more than your own country that you live in. Exploratory also helps us go to places in our country during school. This is helpful because in your free time you might not have time to go anywhere at all!-The field trips have been pretty fun and it’s nice to visit other places in delhi because during the weekends normally my parents are busy so I’m always stuck in the house,.

-Playing the kahoots was really fun because there was a lot of competition and we could test our knowledge on our host country India.